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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the fonts included?

  • No, they are under copyright laws and I am not permitted to do so. but there are many places on the web to obtain free fonts, is one that my clients use most often. Text is only there as a guide and you will need to add your own text. If you're using fonts for commercial use, I would highly recommend

What sizes do your templates come in?
  • The cards are mostly 5x7. Very few are 5x5 and 4x6. Only my older designs are 4x6, I no longer make that size unless requested in custom work. The wall templates are in assorted sizes: 10x10, 10x20, 16x20, 20x20, 5x30 ... and many other sizes.

Where can I get my orders printed?
  • There are many places to go on the web. I use,,,, and for cheaper marketing printing I use when I'm in a bind. There are MANY other places to print but these are just what I use.

Can the color on the borders be changed?
  • Yes. Upon purchase, I will give you instructions. You will also find a download below.

Do you send snail mail or digitally? When should I expect my order to be sent?
  • I send digitally. Faster and more cost efficient for everyone. And besides, have you ever taken three children under the age of three to the post office before?! If not, I don't recommend it.
  • Your order will be sent manually. It will come within 48 hours. I normally send it the same day, but I give 48 hours just in case I'll be out of town or your order is placed on my days off. Keep in mind that I am a stay at home mom first and foremost. If you need your order quickly for emergency/deadline reasons, I will try my best to have your order filled faster. Just email me and let me know.
  • On a side note, I don't take too kindly to rude and demanding customers. I understand deadlines completely and would be very happy to fill your order quickly if it's needed. (and if I have internet access) I'm not the business person who will say "the customer is always right" when they are not and let them walk right over me. That business is not welcome here and I have the right to refuse service to anyone :)

Can your templates be customized?

  • All text can be customized and most colors. If you have a question on a specific one, just ask :)

Can your templates be resized?

  • Well, yes ... but on some, I would'nt recommend it. The bleed lines will differ so keep an eye on that. If you wanted to resize a 8x8 (like my ABC's of Me photo book) to a 5x5, that wouldn't be a problem at all. Some you can resize larger but at your own risk. If you want to see the pixels for yourself, go ahead and resize it in photoshop. Use your "zoom" tool (looks like a magnifying glass). Right click on the image/template and select the option "actual pixels". Then try the "actual size". This will give you a good idea of the size it will be. In some cases, this can be done :)

  • If you wanted to cropy a 5x7 template to a 4x6 template, it will cut some of the design off ... you will need to keep in mind the size ratio but you're welcome to try.

Are these available for commercial use?
  • Yes, but ONLY in printed form. They may not be given/sold as .psd files. ONLY in print or .jpg form. My designs ARE copyrighted. You may not take elements out of my templates and "create" your own.

What are your working hours?

  • I do work about everyday. I try to take 2 days off a week and those days differ. In addition to working full time with my designs, I'm also a full-time mom of three little ones. Next year, I will add full-time homeschool teacher! So, as you can imagine, I'm very busy. (aren't we all, though?). I do NOT give our my phone number, so please don't ask. You can contact me via email and if I do not get back to you within 24 hours, feel free to resend. My husband is also working with me to help with my tremendous workload. He occassionally responds to emails and does the majority of file sending.

Can I use your templates/elements to create my own designs?

  • No, you may not. You may not use my backgrounds or elements to create something new. or to use as an added element in your own design. The only way that is acceptable is if you're creating an album with my album templates and you need more pages than what I have offered. If you find that you must, please contact me for permission or to create something new for you. The fee will vary, depending on the circumstances and design.

How do I use your templates:

You can download these in two file formats here: .pdf document or a word document

CLICK HERE to download my Terms of Use.

What is your "membership" all about?

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If there isn't something on here that you would like to know, please contact me at I do not give out my phone number, so please don't ask :)

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